Acoustic Meta Materials

SMD is involved in the product development and supply of Acoustic Meta Materials (AMM).  AMM’s are a special class of designable materials that have properties not available in natural materials. They generally consist of arrays of periodic elements embedded in a matrix material.  Different arrangements of AMM have been developed depending upon the application. These materials have many applications where high acoustic performance, particularly at low frequencies is desired in a lightweight, compact configuration. Target markets are in aircraft, space, automobiles and DOD machinery systems

Flexible PDF Wire Sensor

Flexible PVDF Wire Sensor 

An externally-mounted pipe sensor system is being developed based on a flexible piezoelectric polyvinylidene flouride (PVDF) wire transducer wrapped around pipe walls to measure fluidborne acoustic signatures at frequencies below 3 kHz to improve monitoring and controlling unwanted acoustic signature.


Active Quiet Pillow

An active quiet pillow is being developed using a combination of active control and passive treatment elements in a pillow arrangement that effectively cancels and dampens harmful low, mid and high frequency helicopter tones at a patient’s ears during MEDEVAC and CASEVAC evacuation operations.



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